Because simple is better.

Simple principle

SENEC storage works on a simple principle. Excess energy from a solar system flows into the storage tank and is available around the clock. With a SENEC.Home you can use your solar power whenever you want and save up to 90% on your electricity bill.

Easy installation

SENEC storage units are delivered as a complete package and can be installed in just a few hours. This means minimum interference with your existing system and lower installation costs.

Simply up to date

SENEC developers are constantly improving the performance of our storage systems. In this way, we increase the efficiency of your system with every software update. And best of all: All updates are fully automatic and free of charge.

Everything at a glance

With the free monitoring portal ‘’, you can easily track your savings and keep on top of your electricity usage. With the Senec app, you can access your personal Senec portal from your smartphone or tablet.

Simple help

In the unlikely event of service requirements, we guarantee you immediate help. We will inform the specially trained service staff of any issues and resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

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Our top priority – your safety

When developing SENEC products, a fundamental feature is always in the foreground: your safety! That’s why SENEC storage meets all relevant standards, protecting your home and those who live in it.


Energy self-sufficiency – but safe!

Security for you, your home and your family. SENEC expends enormous resources in the development of its products. The independently tested technology from SENEC does not only guarantee a well-protected home, but also a long and trouble-free operation of your SENEC.Home.

In addition to sophisticated SENEC software, we use modules designed and built by one of the worlds leading manufacturers of battery modules: Panasonic. Through many years as leaders in the industry, Panasonic has become among the most reliable in their class. Each battery has a sophisticated safety technology. It protects against the failure of individual battery cells before complete failure or automatically shuts off the whole system in exceptional cases. So you will never sit in the dark and can start your transition into the future with peace of mind.

The best protection is one you do not notice. In addition to the constant online monitoring of your SENEC.Home, all installers receive speciality SENEC training. They are the prerequisite for the professional and careful installation of your storage system and thus enable the safe operation of your system over many years.

SENEC Quality

The customer comes back – not the goods

Without exception, SENEC relies on quality in a highly competitive storage market. High standards ensure SENEC customers minimum default rates. The use of high-quality materials and precise workmanship increases the life of the storage system – and makes it a real eye-catcher.

All SENEC storage units are assembled in Germany with most of the installed components sourced from German manufacturers. “Made in Germany” ensures jobs and guarantees thorough processing. Through continuous and independent quality assurance, SENEC supplies you with long-lasting products with high efficiency.

The SENEC Warranty Promise

Long-term guarantee & effective cost protection

SENEC storage stands for long-lasting and reliable operation. The warranty for a SENEC.Home is valid for a full ten years, or 12,000 cycles, the highest cycle rate in the industry.

The benefit of many years of warranty pays off, especially for you. With SENEC storage, you are protected from unplanned additional costs over many years – and thus increase the profitability of your investment.



Just better

We make your transition into renewable energy as easy and efficient as possible. Get in contact to find out why owning a storage system with SENEC is so easy.


Watch the video below, to see how simple a SENEC installation is.