Will the SENEC.Home work with my current solar system?
The SENEC.Home is compatible with any new or existing solar array, AC coupling makes installation quick and hassle free.
How much can I expect to save?
Installing a SENEC.Home can earn you saving of up to 80% on your energy bills. Why waste all your excess solar when you can use it around the clock!
Will my SENEC.Home work when the grid goes down?
SENEC's dedicated backup circuit provides you with emergency power when the grid goes down!
Where are the SENEC products manufactured?
Apart from the Panasonic battery modules, the SENEC.Home is designed, manufactured and assembled entirely in Germany.
Whats included in the box?
The SENEC.Home is an 'all-in-one' system, featuring our SENEC inverter, battery management system and battery modules.
How does SENEC's warranty compare to its competitors?
SENEC's warranty offers 12,000 cycles or 10 years, whichever comes first. With other popular brands offering 6,000 and less, the SENEC warranty is unmatched in the industry.
Technology changes so quickly these days, how do I know my SENEC.Home wont be replaced by some other technology in a few years?
SENEC are at the forefront of energy innovation, leading the way in peer-to-peer trading, EV recharging and cloud technology. By joining the SENEC community, you too can secure your energy future.
If my energy consumption increases, can I add more storage to my system?
The SENEC.Home is a modular system, giving you the freedom to increase your storage capacity in 2.5kW increments whenever you need to. The maximum capacity for one system is 10kWh.
How much does a SENEC.Home cost?
We work with CEC approved solar retailers who price up the job once taking installation circumstance into account. Please feel free to contact your nearest retailer who can give you a price.