Solar Energy 24 Hours a Day

Powerful Storage

Solar panels are great money-savers whilst the sun shines. But now you can store that valuable free energy and use it whenever you want - even at night.

Suits all solar systems

Suits all solar systems

German engineered

German engineered


Works day and night

The SENEC.Home system is a rechargeable battery that automatically steps in when the sun goes down. It manages your power needs without you doing a thing.

Pay less for power day and night

Pay less for power day and night

Australian service and support

Australian service and support

The SENEC.Home lets you control when you use your solar power. When the grid’s stretched to capacity and most people are paying the top rate for their electricity, you’ll be totally independent.


Increase your power self-sufficiency by up to 90%

Install a SENEC system, and you’ll be able to generate and store up to 90% of your power requirements. It will also supply electricity to your home when there’s a mains power cut so you can keep your essential appliances running during a blackout. If you need more storage, you can add up to 4 SENEC units to create your own micro-grid.


Engineered for 12,000 recharging cycles – double the capacity of its main competitor.


German engineering with full Australian service and support

The SENEC.Home  system is available in 4 different capacities to suit every application from a small apartment through to a full-sized family home or small business.

Internet-connected, the system will also install its own software updates and let you track and control your energy usage via the SENEC smartphone app.

10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Internet-connected for free software updates and energy management

Maintenance-free Panasonic Lithium batteries with a high power density


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News & Updates

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SENEC supplies battery storage systems

The battery storage systems supplied by SENEC are an important element in Horizon Power’s construction of the high distributed energy resource (DER) microgrid in Onslow.

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SENEC wins German Excellence Award 2019

Leipzig, January 28, 2019 – SENEC has been awarded the German Excellence Award 2019 and took first place in the award category “Products B2C”.

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Interview: SENEC aims to build retailer, installer relationships

Jaron Schächter, one of three Managing Directors of SENEC Germany says that it looks to build “strong partnerships” as it continues to expand into market.

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For solar installers and resellers

SENEC is bringing to Australia the same commitment to local solar industries that has attracted 5000 registered partners in Germany alone.

SENEC offers an Australian-based warranty, supported by a national sales and service program that takes on the responsibility of after-sales support.


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